Quick Cement

Reader Quick Cement is manufactured to a proprietary technical specification and is a Portland cement containing calcium sulfo-aluminate and special additives, developed to give quick setting and hardening characteristics.

Quick Cement is an ideal cement for repair and maintenance applications where the increased rate of set and strength development are beneficial in both mortar and concrete, allowing normal services to be brought back into operation after only a few hours.

Reader Quickcem is manufactured under a system of Factory Production Control based on BS EN ISO 9001 and constant monitoring of all components ensures consistent quality.

Depending on the mix used and the ambient temperature, workability will be retained for between 10 and 20 minutes. It is important that the concrete, mortar or screed is made without prolonged mixing and is placed and fully compacted as soon as possible after mixing.

(The amount of materials mixed in any one operation should be small enough to ensure that all the material can be used and the mixing equipment thoroughly cleaned out before the mix has set.)

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Packaged in Waterproof and Recyclable Material