What We Do

Experts in providing quality service


- Packed into 100% waterproof & recyclable packaging

- Easy to use, JUST ADD WATER

- High strength and rapid setting products available

- Designed for the civil engineering & construction industries

- Expand current capacity limits

- Develop company product ranges

- Support demand during peak seasons

- Deliver superior support and service

- Help design new formulas to meet procise project requirments

- Continuous product and market evaluation


We work closely with our customers to determine their needs and exact project requirements, regardless of order size, providing solutions with new product innovations.

All research and development is carried out at our factory to ensure that we are continuously enhancing and developing new products for ourselves and our customers.

We take into account setting speeds and strength requirements, all fully tested before it leaves the factory, along with strict batch control testing to ensure our products are of a consistent and high quality.

On-going focus on product quality, latest technology and continuous product evaluation ensure our products meet and exceed the high quality standards demanded by the Local Authorities, Highways, Construction, Civil Engineering and DIY industries.

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Packaged in Waterproof and Recyclable Material