Two Arodo AROVAC blending and packing lines comprising of four production machines with a capacity of up to 200,000 tonnes per year.

The AROVAC system at present is the only machine in the world that can vacuum package fine aggregate such as cement, producing a packed product that’s 100% waterproof. Don’t forget easily recyclable.

Users prefer the ability to carry the bags with ease, sometime two at a time. So we installed a bit of kit that allows for this by adding strong durable Easy-Carry-Handles to our bags without the fear of them breaking.

This advanced technology is able to produces “brick like” bags, uniquely stacking and palletising them to form a stable sturdy structure. Finally the product is stretch hooded, leaving a fished pallet that looks smart and ready for transport.



All Readers formulated products are available in any of these quantities upon request, check out our product range to see what we do.


Our in house research and development department allows us to formulate new products and to carry out strict batch control testing on all materials that go through our plant to ensure consistent and high quality products. BS EN ISO 9001 assured.

If you’ve got a product you’d like to develop or there’s a specific technical requirement you need to meet then our bespoke formulating and consultation service is at hand. Confidentially of course.

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Packaged in Waterproof and Recyclable Material