Reader launches new high strength cement product

GEN-CEM - general purpose blended cement

A new general purpose 40n/mm blended cement for civil engineering, construction and DIY applications

Reader announced today a new addition to its DIY and blended cements product range, GEN-CEM.

Packed and palletised in 20kg waterproof recyclable plastic bags, Reader's GEN-CEM, a high strength general purpose 40N/mm cement, will be of interest across the civil engineering, construction and DIY industries, for applications where higher strength than Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is required.

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About Reader

Reader has been producing high quality cement products since 1985, originally for the mining industry. Today the company produces a full range of blended cement products to the construction, civil engineering, tunnelling and DIY markets. The company operates state-of-the-art blending and vacuum packing ISO9001 quality assured facilities.

Reader Cement Products Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned British engineering and industrial group Langley Holdings plc, which employs around 4,500 people worldwide.

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Packaged in Waterproof and Recyclable Material