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Reader Cement Products Ltd is the UK’s leading independent producer of packed cement products. We now supply direct to the fencing trade. Whether you need a full load or just one pallet, Reader will deliver to your site direct from our blending & packing plant.

Reader Post Fast is a fast-set all weather blended non-structural concrete, comparable with all other leading brands on the market, that provides an easy quick setting solution when installing any kind of fence or signpost manufactured from wood, concrete, metals or plastics.

Post Fast is packed in 100% waterproof 20kg plastic bags with a 12 month shelf life.

Our products are tested on a regular basis using various procedures such as Quick Set where all batches are tested to produce a 3-10 minutes setting time. Strength tests are performed on the product and produce cube strengths of 20-25Nmm after 28 days

Your Benefits:

- no premixing required, just add water

- consistent mix and strength

- sturdy handle on bags for ease of use

- no soggy paper bags or wasted product

- quick and easy to use, saving time and money

- delivered and stored on site for all weather conditions

- pallets can be stacked two high

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About Reader Cement Products

Reader has been producing high quality cement products since 1985, originally for the mining industry. Today the company produces a full range of blended cement products to the construction, civil engineering, tunnelling and DIY markets. The company operates state-of-the-art blending and vacuum packing ISO9001 quality assured facilities. Reader Cement Products Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned British engineering and industrial group Langley Holdings PLC, which employs around 4,500 people world wide.

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Packaged in Waterproof and Recyclable Material