Reader PostFast® and other own-brand products now available

Production at Pinxton site reaches 10,000 tonnes in March

Reader Cement Products are pleased to announce the launch of PostFast®, the company's own-brand post fixing concrete, while production at the Pinxton site, which started to come on stream last June, reached 10,000 tonnes for the first time in March.

Reader own-brand products also includes:

- Reader PostFast (rapid setting post concrete)

- Reader Quality Brick mortar

- Reader General Purpose concrete

- Reader Sprayed concrete

- ReaderFast CSA additive

- Reader 40Nmm Concrete

- Reader General Purpose Cement

- Reader 40Nmm PostFast

Dry packed in 20kg or 25kg, plastic vacuum filled bags with durable handles, Reader own-brand products also have a 12 month shelf life and are manufactured to the latest ISO 9001 standard.

"We have steadily been increasing production since the plant was fully commissioned last year and in March reached the 10,000 tonne mark, working single extended shifts.....there's still quite a lot more to come with a second or even third shift if needed" commented Jason Key, Operations Manager.

About Reader Cement Products

Reader has been producing high quality cement products since 1985, originally for the mining industry. Today the company produces a full range of blended cement products to the construction, civil engineering, tunnelling and DIY markets. The company operates state-of-the-art blending and vacuum packing ISO9001 quality assured facilities. Reader Cement Products Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned British engineering and industrial group Langley Holdings plc, which employs around 4,500 people world wide.

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Packaged in Waterproof and Recyclable Material