Reader steps up production another notch

Up to 50 HGV's per day delivering product

Production at Reader's Pinxton plant reached a high of more than 10,000 tonnes in the month of March. With demand continuing to increase week on week, production reached a new high in May.

Over 15,000 tonnes of product were blended and packed in the month. Output is expected to increase further over the remaining summer months.

Production reaches new high at Pinxton plant

Reader’s own-brand products, in particular the recently launched Post Fast® product, have proved popular and the company has other new products in the pipeline.

Jason Key, Operations Manager:

“With up to 50 heavy goods vehicles collecting deliveries daily, we have been operating a double shift system to meet customers’ demands and with the new plant operating to optimum efficiency there's still more to come with a third shift if needed”.

The new investment at Reader’s second site in Huthwaite is progressing well with operations planned to start in the coming weeks.

More news on that and other topics in September.

About Reader

Reader has been producing high quality cement products since 1985, originally for the mining industry. Today the company produces a full range of blended cement products to the construction, civil engineering, tunnelling and DIY markets. The company operates state-of-the-art blending and vacuum packing ISO9001 quality assured facilities.

Reader Cement Products Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned British engineering and industrial group Langley Holdings plc, which employs around 4,500 people worldwide.

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